What else is On

At Low Tox Lab we are all about including and supporting other local australian made businesses. We offer our space for hire for others small businesses to share their passions with our much loved community.

So come check out what else in on offer in our workshop space.

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Buckle up, we are in for my second workshop this weekend, Saturday 6th November from 5-7.30pm.

My last workshop was such a great afternoon - I loved every minute of watching everyone create their beautiful pieces, and it was just so lovely to experience it in the gorgeous @lowtoxlab space.

You will get to take home 6 artworks at the end of the night, and will receive a demo from me, and plenty of guidance along the way with enough space to explore your creative ability.


Upcoming workshop datesco

13th November
4th December


A night to connect with like minded Women, to journal, participate in activities and fill up your cup.