DIY Shower Melts

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

These are amazing blobs of greatness that take your shower to the next level! Perfect to help clear your sinuses, relax you and create an uplifting experience.

Place 1-2 melts just outside of the shower stream on the floor of the shower, then let the hot water and steam do its work!

Peppermint essential oil benefits:

  • kills germs

  • relieves pain

  • helps the body eliminate mucus

  • reduce muscle spasms

  • reduce flatulence

  • promote sweating

Lavender essential oil benefits:

  • promotes relaxation

  • treats fungal infections,

  • helps with allergies

  • helps with depression

  • helps with insomnia

  • helps with eczema

  • helps with nausea

  • helps with menstrual cramps

Eucalyptus oil:

  • helps clear your chest

  • Disinfect wounds. ...

  • Breathe easy

  • Control blood sugar

Make sure you use high grade essential oils to reap the benefits of the oils in this melt.

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