In times like these it is so important to protect our energy. No just protecting our physical energy. We need to be aware of our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual self energies also. The energies around us are constantly changing. Protecting our energy means bringing balance into our life through the spirit. Protecting your energy could mean the difference between a happy life and a struggle full and stressful life.


What can we do to protect our energy ?

There is multiple ways of protecting ourselves, but don't stress. We are hear to guide you to bring grounding and clarity and protection to your life.


Smudging with sage and Palo santo

Different herbs can be used to cleanse your energy. We like to use traditional white sage and palo santo.

Many herbs for burning come from many different cultures, all with different uses and benefits. If you suspect your energy is getting contaminated with negative energy, smudging goes a long way in restoring it and bringing on a fresh start while also reaping the harvest of the other benefits burning herbs may offer.

  • Saging: Open a few windows and doors to help any smoke and negative energy leave easily. Light your sage stick over your flameproof bowl until a small flame has caught. While holding your sage over the bowl lightly blow on the flame until it goes out. The sage will then smoke gently like incense. Saging yourself use the same techniquie however place the sage stick in a bowl and place the smoking end towards you. Wave the smoke towards your face and body and any parts of your body that needs protection

  • Palo santo:It comes as a stick which is rich in resin. Light the stick with a candle or a lighter, holding the stick at an angle and letting it burn for 30 seconds to a minute. Blow out the flame with your breath or by waving the stick rapidly, and the stick will produce the needed smoke

  • Smokless saging: An invigorating blend of sage, whose scent is revered for its ability to purify and cleanse of negative or stagnant energy. Cinnamon bark for its protective influence. wild Orange has the ability to provide spiritual guidance and protection without dulling the perception of the user. Spray it in the air, on your furnishings or your body. Low tox lab have designed this smokeless sage spray to make your stagnant energy clearing a smokeless experience. Sometimes sage smudging sticks aren’t everyone’s preferred option. We highly recommend saging your surrounds and new crystals regularly. Small batch made by hand mindfully in the Sutherland shire of Sydney with ingredients sourced locally where possible. Completely free from any toxins, nasty stuff, Aluminium, parabens, talcs or palm oils, vegan & cruelty-free.

  • Smokless palo: A divine combination of Palo Santo, Frankincense & Lemon essential oils, this spray is designed to protect your energy & create a positive environment around you or belongings. Small batch made by hand mindfully in the Sutherland shire of Sydney with ingredients sourced locally where possible. Completely free from any toxins, nasty stuff, Aluminium, parabens, talcs or palm oils, vegan & cruelty-free.

Sound Healing

Sound healing can be pretty powerful in your healing process. Embracing the power of sound when you are stressed out. The soothing sounds through sound healing can ease your anxiety and there are specific frequencies that have a calming and clearing effect on you. This is not a new practice and is used to bring harmony during meditation.

Cleanse your space

Clearing your living and work space can help clear away negative energy. It will leave the room light, postive and cleansed. Crystals can be used to cleanse your space. Opening your windows and letting in positive energy from nature can bring in a sense of calmness.

When a home is filled with clutter it doesnt matter how much you sage you will be left feeling cluttered and your energy will be drained. Let go of stuff you dont need it can be an effective way to refresh you homes energy.


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing therapy. It’s based on the notion that all humans have energy fields, or life forces, that keep us alive.

According to the practice, physical, mental, and emotional issues can occur if this energy is low or becomes blocked. The purpose of Reiki is to promote good health by balancing these energy fields. It’s done by a Reiki practitioner, who places their hands on or just above your body to redirect energy. Reiki may help reduce pain and anxiety, improve your mood and sense of well-beingTrusted Source, and help with depression.


Our energy can drastically be affected by our emotions, stress, toxicity and so much more.

Cleansing your energy and space can make a huge difference between a happy and stressful life.

Balancing the energies in our space and body brings happiness, contentment and a happy life in general.

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