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Extremely fine Activated Charcoal Powder is a natural, versatile healing remedy commonly used for teeth cleaning/whitening, detox supplement, skin cleanser, water filtration.

Activated Charcoal


    Gas reduction-  Adding 1-2 table spoons to a glass of water to drink.

    Diarrhea aid - 1-2 table spoons to a glass of water to drink.

    Water filtration -Activated charcoal may help filter water by removing contaminants, suspended solids, and microorganisms like bacteria — all without affecting the water’s pH or taste 

    Tooth whitening- wet toothbrush and dab tooth brush into activated charcoal and brush teeth. Rinse well after brushing.

    Skin treatment- As activated charcoal to a face mask or mix on its own with water and apply to skin like you would with a clay mask. As to bath to draw toxins from the body and skin. 


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