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Introducing our Manifest Roller Perfume, a captivating fragrance crafted with intention and purpose to empower you on your journey of manifestation. This unique blend is your secret companion in unlocking your true potential and bringing your desires to fruition.


Immerse yourself in the captivating aroma of Manifest, a carefully curated blend of aromatic notes that inspire focus and clarity.


With each application, allow the enchanting scent to envelop your senses, helping you align your thoughts and intentions towards your deepest desires.


Use Manifest when journaling, during meditation, or simply as a captivating fragrance that captivates those around you. With its convenient roll-on applicator, glide it on your wrists, elbows, or neck for an alluring natural fragrance.


Let Manifest be your guide as you navigate the path towards your dreams. By raising your vibrations, this empowering roller perfume enhances your manifestation practice and ignites a powerful connection between your desires and the universe.


Experience the transformative power of Manifest Roller Perfume and witness the magic unfold. Embrace the clarity of purpose, raise your vibrations, and let gratitude and kindness guide your every step towards manifesting the future you envision.


With Manifest by your side, the possibilities are endless.

Manifest Roller Perfume

  • This blend by Low Tox Lab will be your new bestie. Pocket size so you can take it with you wherever you go to assist your needs. 

    Roll the blend on your wrists, inner elbows or on your pressure points as often as you desire. 

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