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DIY Mozzie Tamer

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Summer is Australia is beautiful...and brutal! Mozzie bites are part of living in this beautiful country, so we have this recipe to help you ease the itch.

About these essential oils

Lavender helps relieve stress and tension and is famous for its calming effects.

Frankincense: Calming and soothing with antibacterial and skin healing properties.

Tea Tree: helps prevent bacteria and other microbes from growing in a bug bite. This can reduce the risk of infection, and act as a natural antihistamine. This may reduce swelling and itchiness.

Purchase DIY Products

If you don't have these oils on hand and would like to try this recipe, we’d love you to visit our online STORE where you can purchase DIY products or review our range of hand made products.

Create Your Way - DIY Bar In-store

We also have a DIY bar in store, with many essential oils and baseline products for you to come in and make your own products without buying all the bulk ingredients and essential oils straight away. We will happily consult with you and share our range of recipes to make anything from cleaning products to skin and body products.

Thanks for visiting and look after you! Love and Light,

Bec & Prue at Low Tox Lab xx

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